The Benefits Of Kitting

In-house component acquisition can be time-consuming, costly and complex. That’s why we’ve designed a kitting service that gives you the control of in-house acquisition with all the benefits of an outsourced service.

Our approach to kitting means you’ll see the difference on your bottom line, and in your day-to-day operations.  On average, we deliver a saving of 8% on the overall product cost and a 30% reduction in stores and administration overhead. In addition, most clients see a £20k - £50k improvement in working capital through reduced stock holding.

“With more than 4000 component kits managed on behalf of customers , we offer the UK’s most comprehensive kitting solution.
Our global supply chain, coupled with our unrivalled IT system, means we can deliver the kitting solution you need, where and when you need it."

A reliable global supply chain.

Since launching our kitting division in 1997, we’ve built a global supply chain which is second-to-none.  Today, we can source semiconductor, passive and electromechanical components, including obsolete items no longer in production, from almost anywhere in the world.

However complex your requirements, our tried-and-trusted approach means we can deliver complete, error-free component kits to suit your production schedules, helping you build further efficiency into your operations.  Without a doubt, it’s a smarter way to work.

Reduced administrative costs.

Most of our clients achieve an administrative saving of at least 30% – often more.  This is all down to the fact that we take responsibility for the complex task of ensuring the right component kits are available to you, where and when you need them. 

Our best-in-class service includes quality checking, alternate part sourcing,  co-ordination of delivery – you no longer have the headache of sourcing suppliers, tracking orders, quality checking deliveries, dealing with errors and handling numerous invoices from multiple suppliers. 

These labour-intensive activities can all be outsourced to us, allowing you to operate with greater efficiency.