Managed Contract Manufacturing (MCM)

Our MCM process provides electronic Original Equipment Manufacturers with an alternative strategy for managing their conventional sub contract electronic manufacturing requirement .

The selection of a suitable subcontract assembly partner tends to focus on the prospective providers ability to run a repeatable process for the manufacture of a particular set of populated PCBs backed by robust quality and testing processes. The reality is that most CEM/OEM issues rarely come down to the manufacturing process but more often the component supply line required to provide a manufactured product on time.

Be it extended lead times, variable pricing, component performance issues or obsolescence the management of the supply chain can give a CEM numerous issues which in many instances require the OEM’s involvement to develop a suitable solution.

Legacy component stock issues can cause an OEM to maintain a CEM relationship when better manufacturing solutions are available simply because the cost and logistics of exiting the relationship is too greater burden on resources.

Our MCM process allows OEM’s to separate the component supply function from the manufacturing relationship. Should circumstances require that an alternative or additional manufacturing capacity is required the component supply process can be transferred or expanded easily to meet these needs.

In addition to managing your component supply line we use our extensive knowledge of the UK subcontractor market we can ensure that you are always with the most appropriate partner for your current needs.

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How MCM® works

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