How MCM can work for you

In the Diamond Electronics MCM process our OEM customer gives their order for their board population/finished products to ourselves as opposed to their traditional Contract electronic manufacturer. 

Depending on circumstances the OEM may request that we continue to use the current Contract Manufacturer for board population or they may ask us to select a suitable partner based on their specific criteria.

Should the latter be the preferred route then our selection process is 100% transparent with OEM QA and commercial staff being encouraged to meet and audit the chosen facility as they require. We base our selection on of knowledge of the CEMs technical capability, cost base and capacity and always look for best fit solution based on our discussions with the OEM.

We then take over the management of the component and PCB supply to the CEM and deliver kitted components to their assembly facility in the agreed batch sizes. Once completed finished and tested PCB are returned to Diamond for delivery to the OEM via KANBAN, JIT or other process used at their final assembly plant.

Diamond purchase and stock all components at appropriate levels to maintain delivery to the appointed CEM. As individual delivery/pricing or technical problems occur we will propose the best solution to the issue and manage this within our process.

Should additional or alternative sub contract capacity be required component kits can be diverted to a new provider with immediate effect with minimum cost or logistical issues. MCM allows OEMs to have a new level of agility within their contract manufacturing supply chain whilst taking a proactive attitude to both component and assembly costs.   

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