Founded in 1979 Diamond Electronics Ltd’s philosophy of supplying brand name electronic components via customer focused supply agreements remains at the core of its business ethos over 30 years later.

Located in the North West of the UK and servicing the UK & European markets, Diamond has developed into three sales divisions serving different customer needs within electronics manufacturing and Electronic Product design.

The most recent addition to our group, Diamond LED Lighting, was formed five years ago to distribute LED Lighting products to the Electrical Wholesaler market.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our staff listen to their customer’s needs, working closely with them to improve our service beyond the norm of the component distribution market. 

Diamond LED Lighting Ltd

Diamond LED  Lighting Ltd sells LED Luminaires and Retro Fit LED lamps to the UK Electrical Wholesaler market. Sold under the Diamond LED Lighting brand our products can be found in most National Wholesaler chains and many independent local suppliers.

Silicone Rubber keypads

Custom Silicone Rubber keypads from Diamond HMI offer a unique and tunable tactile interface ensuring that your electronic product stands out from the crowd