Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients vary in their level of spend on components.  Due to the significant set-up and administration costs involved in developing component kits for a new customer, we would seek to build a long-term relationship to provide ongoing support.

The lead-time to build a kit is controlled by the longest lead-time of the manufacturers who are providing component parts. However, we seek to ensure lead-times are kept to a minimum, and have various sourcing options to suit your requirements.

Parts highlighted as having extended lead-times may be managed outside of the kit using strategic consigned stock agreements.  These are designed to protect you from lead-time issues.

Kits produced to a schedule of deliveries are manufactured 4 weeks prior to the delivery date and we ask that you make no reschedules during this period.  We will do our best to accommodate any new scheduling requirements outside of this window.

We can usually provide an accurate quotation within 2 – 3 weeks - the time depends upon the size and complexity of your bill of materials.

Our objective is to provide you with a production-ready kit so we repackage parts to the batch requirements. This can include an agreed quantity of attrition and an agreed amount of populated or unpopulated feed and tail for SMT components.

We will manage your stock by setting up a virtual warehouse on our IT system. Our kitting module will always use this stock as the first source, if requested. The physical stock may be consigned at our premises or maintained at another site, with pick lists supplied to you or your sub-contractor.

Alternative parts will never be substituted without your formal approval. Where parts become difficult to purchase we will always seek alternatives. Similarly, if there are price advantages to be gained, we would offer alternatives to you at the time of quotation.

It’s our preferred option to supply our own generic items for resistors and some capacitors, and we will do so with your approval.

We work in a market where pricing can fluctuate significantly according to supply and demand.

For scheduled orders, pricing can be secured for the term of the schedule.

Some requirements using a more volatile mix of components, including obsolete and allocated parts on very short lead-times, are likely to be subject to a degree of price variation.

Some components may be on long lead-times, on allocation or obsolete. If there is the need to secure product from an unapproved source, usually to meet a delivery requirement, we would seek approval from you before placing an order.

Our current systems and logistics capabilities are able to cope with significant growth from both existing and new customers. We are more than happy to discuss your long-term requirements in detail and would welcome the opportunity to invite you to our premises to learn more about our current and future capabilities.

Since establishing our kitting division in 2009 we have learned to concentrate on our core disciplines - component procurement and materials handling.  

We do not promote a sub-contract assembly service - if you are an OEM and require this service we would be happy to introduce you to a number of excellent CEMs. If you are a CEM please be assured that our services are designed to be complementary.